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Mercury Energy


All punters of mercury sponsored events.


Mercury Energy have a great presence on social media and TV, Engage NZ is helping them push the envelope by provide a cool experiential experience with them on their events. 


We have taken part in Shortland St 30th anniversary, Baby Show and EV showcase. Mercury are very customer service based and like to give something back to their users and invite other to join. During events we have had free coffee shouts, spin&win activations and meet and greets with NZ celebs.



The Baby show was an amazing experience that both the staff and parents enjoyed, staff would hold umbrellas, carry items, usher parents in need to the baby room and acted as general helping hands. While helping the parents staff were able to discuss Mercury Energy and give them insight as to how they can change. Parents were amazed by the determination and kindness off the staff “I would have never managed without you”, “OMG, I was just thinking I will never make it back to the car”, “will have look at what we are currently paying now, thank you”.