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Fly Buys


Families attending Auckland Zoo over summer


On this recent campaign we had our first customer who was an elephant. And yes Burma is scanning in her Fly Buys card. So did a great many humans as Fly Buys wanted to treat their card holders to a lucky dip gift. And they did that for anyone that visited the Dream Machine at Auckland Zoo on selected days. 


Tis better to give than to receive and we were able to test that theory an estimated 19200 times due to the generosity of Fly Buys over December and January! The Dream Machine- a beautiful 1970s VW combie that has been converted into a prize wagon- was deployed over 8 weekends at the Zoo. Anyone who scanned in their Fly Buys card saw a prize come down the Doctor Suess inspired prize slide. A great variety of them were on offer. Anything from a remote controlled helicopter to Hair Straighteners were gleefully accepted by often overwhelmed Fly Buyers.


An estimated 19 200 prizes were gifted to the public and over 600 Fly Buy card applications were received. In a first for Engage Burma, the Zoo’s elephant, scanned her card in the hope of receiving a packet of peanuts. It’s a moment she’ll never forget.