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The Mariachis from Hell



Hell Pizza


An estimated 15 000 live views on the streets of Auckland and Wellington as well as thousands (and counting) Hell Facebook fans and Youtube viewers


We were tasked with creating a fun campaign to highlight Hell's Day of the Dead menu in an innovative fun way that encouraged social media interaction. For the uninitiated The Day of the Dead is a Mexican festival that celebrates our no longer living friends and family! 



What better way to promote this than by forming an Undead Mariachi band!

Gerardo and the Undead played a series of impromptu concerts in Auckland and throughout Wellington. Their entourage distributed over 5000 flyers and the band were photographed and videoed over 500 times by their new found fans.

They also recorded a song that you may find familiar and we created a music video which you can see below. If you can handle the subliminal backwards version its also included. 


On its first day on Hell’s Facebook page it was liked over 500 times, commented on 200 times and shared 24 times! Fans uploaded software guides so that people could play it backwards and view the hidden message.

Hell liked it enough to put it on the front page of their website and in their Facebook banner.  Jason Buckley Hell's marketing manager commented- "I LOVE IT!"

Hell's Web Page
A selection of the 200 comments on day 1
Hell's Facebook page