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Our evil friends



Hell Pizza


Pizza eaters of NZ! 


Engage has worked with Hell Pizza on regular basis since 2010 providing on-brand concepts to all of Hell Pizza 65 outlets. Stating with 2 Look walkers to promote the Webb St store, Engage has consistently provided new and fun ways for the brand to create meaningful connections with its consumers.  

Initiatives have included launching Lust Deluxe (New Pizza creation), promoting local stores, boosting sales on quieter nights, supporting sponsorship events, and helping to maintain national media coverage.   



The ideal brand for some on street antics, Engage has stencilled streets with Meat Cleavers, sent evil Butchers loose on the public, blown away some taste buds with a Pizza Roulette competition with the Wellington Firebirds, while maintaining that key objective of hitting all Hell locations from Dunedin to Whangerei and everywhere in between.  


Busy stores, packed events, huge sales for Lust Deluxe = Happy client!