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Nike Sponsorship Leverage



Christchurch locals, schoolchildren, and sports fans


In October 2012 – Football in the Gap- a collobaration between Nike Football, The All Whites and Rebuild Christchurch- was realised. The project entailed building a 5 a side football venue in the heart of the red zone and donating it to the Christchurch City Council for the use of Cantabrians.  Local All White Ben Sigmund handed the facility over to the council on launch day and then played in fun exhibition games with other footballers including Ryan Nelson. The timely project coincided with the All Whites qualifier against Tahiti the following night.  

Our brief was twofold- to work with Nike and their Australian based agency to ensure that you couldn’t miss their association with this impressive initiative, their sponsorship of the All Whites and to promote this facility's launch in a way befitting of the brand.


Engage painted a massive Nike mural on an adjacent concrete wall. At 25m x 5m in striking blue it was very much unmissable. Within a limited budget, targeted street posters complemented the mural. 


With such a prominent and sizeable mural anyone who visited the field were left in doubt as to Nike’s participation in the event. The pre promotion helped deliver a walk up crowd of over 1000 people and the event was picked up by over 16 news agencies including The Christchurch Press, most of which carried images of the Nike mural. Total opportunities to see were estimated at over 1.5 million. 


The All Whites in action
Small selection of PR generated
Nike mural