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Canary Wharf workers and commuters


To promote the newly launched Axio Housing complex in E3 to local office workers in nearby Canary Wharf


To promote the launch of the newly released Axio Housing complex, we put on a “random act of kindness campaign” for early morning commuters in nearby Canary Wharf. In an attempt to put a smile on the face of Canary Wharf workers on Friday morning, 4 promo staff in grey silk overalls handed out yellow roses to passersby in the station area. Our girls greeted commuters with a bright smile and friendly messages such as “Happy Friday!”.


This lovely campaign was very well received. A total of 2,000 roses was given out during the 3 hour campaign time and commuters were positively surprised by the nice start to their day. The client was also very happy.

Giving away roses for Axio at Canary Wharf
Promo girls giving out roses and smiles for Axio
Our Axio promotion helped put a smile on commuters faces on a rainy Friday morning
Brightening up the days for commuters in Canary Wharf