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Texaco Wall Mural






Drivers, Commuters, General Public


The campaign, which was designed to promote the new cleaning agents in the Texaco fuel, aimed to show how something positive can be achieved through “cleaning” (i.e. art/longer lasting engines/improved fuel usage etc.).
The client was looking to install something surprising, outstanding and memorable that catches people’s attention and initiates the process of storing the product name in consumers’ long term memory


We created a gigantic clean graffiti mural (22m x 3m), which was ideally located to target both automobile owners as well as commuters, facing a busy car park at Cardiff Central rail station. The creative incorporated traditionally Welsh icons such as the Welsh Dragon. The mural was created over 2 days and displayed for a further 5 weeks.


The campaign generated an enormous amount of buzz and excitement. Local press rapidly picked up on the Clean Mural publishing several stories of the campaign and hosting the video produced on their sites – further increasing the exposure and reach of the campaign.

Clean Stencil Mural - Texaco