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Imagine Caravan (R18)


Collaborating with Spark PR and Activate, Engage NZ were to bring to life the Lotto Imagine Caravan activation - “Would you go 50/50 with your best mate if you won Lotto?” Taking inspiration from the iconic Lotto TVC where the security truck driver breaks the news to his co-driver about sharing the winnings, we travelled the length of New Zealand giving kiwis the opportunity to give their answer to the question on video.



Over 2 weeks hitting 14 different venues all over NZ. Engage was tasked with planning logistics, staffing and timings. We filmed thousands of kiwis reaction to these questions. With the help of social media crowds gathered and staff got them to take part in the mission to win $10,000 for the best video.


We had people from all walks of life taking part making for funny and shocking videos of couple’s reactions to their answers. People exited the caravan laughing at each other or having digs at each other for answers given. Extremely fun time for all involved.