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Xuber Flashmob


Banking & Finance


Xuber Insurance Software


City Workers, Insurance Providers


To bring Xuber’s UK launch campaign with the tag line “You insure. We ensure you can” into the streets of London and generate PR.


As part of a larger scale integrated advertising campaign organised by Briddog Ltd. with the tagline “You insure. We ensure you can”, we ran a fantastic Flash Mob for insurance software provider Xuber in central London. Travelling through the financial district of the city for three hours on a Monday morning, 50 Xuber branded Butlers lined the streets, handing out freshly brewed coffee from silver trays in Xuber branded cups to get people through their day. The fully uniformed butlers served the free coffee with the line:” Don’t thank me - thank Xuber!”
Coffee recipients tweeting about their free coffee with the #xuberlaunch were entered into a draw to win an Iphone 5.


The campaign was a fantastic success! City workers loved the campaign and happily took to Twitter to shout about it. The client was ecstatic with the campaign and our staff loved working on the job

Our 40 Butler Xuber Flashmob in London