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ANC1a, Tech savvy, IT Geeks, Tech savvy, Commuters, City Workers, Corporate ANC1a, Tech savvy, IT Geeks, Tech savvy, Commuters, City Workers, Corporate


To promote the launch of the new Windows server 2012 - a server which is designed entirely for professional use - to senior IT decision makers.


To demonstrate those attributes of the Windows server 2012 that competitor brands do not currently offer, a pop up juice bar has been installed just outside Canary Wharf Tube station. At the stand a total of 9,000 premium fruit juices in orange and tropical flavours, which have been re-branded to promote the server’s attributes of "agility" and "efficiency", have been given out.

The stand, which looks like a giant server, was operated by 6 Promotional staff. In addition, 2 subject matter experts were available at the stand throughout the day to answer any question consumers had. Directional Floor vinyls helped drive traffic to the stand.


People flocked to the pop up juice bar for their drink and to find out what was going on. Our staff had to re-stock juice half way through the day as the demand was so high. Consumer comments included: What is this advertising? What is different about this server? Where can I find out more? Is the server for free?

6,000 juices were given out in the first 2 hours of the promotion alone. The campaign has proven very popular and the client was very happy.