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Who are we?

Although we put in a superhuman effort to get the job done, we are but mere mortals. Introducing the super (and modest) team at Engage. From left to right: Chelsea, Bianca, Craig, Mitch, Jason and Roxanna.

The Engage Team


We started off in 2002, inspired by a scooter riding around the streets of Sydney towing a 4-sheet illuminated billboard. The business started modestly - with a poky room in West London, a lot of optimistic passion and plenty of ideas. Since then we have moved on.

We outgrew our office and our London HQ is now a pair of railway arches which kind of suits our approach to things - inventive, creative and unique. In 2010 we decided we needed a business in the Antipodes so we had something interesting to return to! Hence our New Zealand office was born and we now have bases in both Wellington and Auckland. 

Today we are an experiential marketing agency conceiving and executing campaigns in numerous countries providing everything from production and ambient media to staffing, planning, video production and social media amplification. 

Our Auckland home circa Aug 2015